Jul 22, 2015
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Countess Stella


Countess Stella Faceslapping Slave


Countess Stella returns from a female friend and she looks so stunning. The blond goddess wear skin tight leather trousers, a leather corsage, boots and long gloves. She calls her slave and immediately starts to call him names. She is in an angry mood because she found the front garden of her mansion still outstanding. From her point of view this is such a lazy slave and so he gets some hard face slaps. Of course, she left him with a lot of orders and work. Much too much for a single slave. But who cares? More face slaps follow.

The slave tries to explain that he was not able to finnish so much work Stella says that she doesnt’t want to hear his excuses… much more face slaps. What a cruel lady…!



Jun 14, 2015
female domination
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Plastic Wrapped Slave Gets A Handjob


Hello there, my little plastic-wrapped freak. What have we got in store for you today? Well, a bit of the usual, but I felt it would be nice if I could let you cum today. So, the good news is that your cock is easy for me to access, and I’m going to exploit this opportunity to jerk you off and get you to blow a load. Does that sound like a fun experience for you? Well regardless of what you think, it’s going to happen. The great thing about you being all restricted and locked up is the fact that I can literally do whatever I want. You have no control or say as to what goes on here. If I want to make you blow that load, I can do so. If I desire to see you moan and groan while I tease you on the edge – that’s also my choice. Being a mistress is so great sometimes!



Jun 1, 2015
female domination
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Ruined Orgasm At Massage Parlor


When this guy requested happy ending form a Sarah Vandella,  sexy blonde in tan stockings, he got something completely different and unexpected. When he requests a happy ending things turn for the worst when she grabs his pathetic cock and ties it tight with rope while teasing it with her perfectly shaped body. Blonde Mistress strokes his dick until he is ready to cum, but at that point, she ruins his orgasm.

Jun 13, 2013
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Peeing games femdom

I really like peeing games! Especially if you have to swallow the whole piss! Come and watch the slave getting his mouth filled with the hot piss! And everything dripping out of his mouth and onto the ground has to be licked away from him…! Deep impressions are guaranteed!

Peeing games femdom

Peeing games femdom

Download this video – Click here


Mar 24, 2012
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Genitals Squeezing

Genitals Squeezing Femdom

Gorgeous and topless female domination mistress is having some fun with slave’s genitals. Sexy blonde dominatrix dressed in black nylon stockings is brutally squeezing his cock and balls while naked femdom slave is begging for mercy but from what you will see here, it seems that this sexy CBT mistress simply don’t care and she is finding motivation in his pain and moaning. For free genitals squeezing femdom photo gallery, click on cock and balls torture femdom photo above.


Jan 13, 2012
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Human Ashtray Femdom

Human Ashtray

Human Ashtray Humiliation

When it comes to female domination, every serious Mistress have variety of female domination methods to choose from before she start torturing and humiliating a slave. But some of those femdom bitches like to use several painful or humiliating methods per session. It all depends. Anyway, today here at female domination blog, we have Human Ashtray Humiliation of completely naked slave with collar around his tiny neck. But don’t be fooled, human ashtray humiliation is just one thing that this stupid slave will experience today. His sexy blonde smoking femdom mistress dressed only in bikini is teasing him, and also forcing to do various things like feet and heels worship or floor cleaning with his tongue that is already in pain from simulating human ashtray. For completely free human ashtray humiliation photo gallery, click on female domination photo above.


Dec 13, 2011
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Female Domination Electro Torture

Mistress Annabelle

Female Domination Electro Torture

Sexy Goddess Annabelle is abusing male slave in today’s update of Female domination blog with electro shocks on his small genitals. If you want to see this extremely sexy female domination CBT mistress dominating in this painful and humiliating cock torture act, click on CBT electro torture photo above and you will see new  and free page with dozen female domination CBT photos of goddess Annabele where she is teasing and smiling while her slave must wait until she is don with this brutal female domination cbt humiliation.


Dec 13, 2011
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Female Domination Caning

Femdom caning

Caning femdom

For all you female domination torture and femdom caning fetish lovers, today’s update is for you. As you can see on female domination domme caning slave photo above , experienced and mature caning dominatrix  dressed in latex, is ruining slave’s bare ass. She is experienced and proficient in giving pain to male slaves and their fat asses. If you want to see completely free caned female domination slave photo gallery where skiny dominatrix is beating male’s ass, click on humiliating caning photo above.


Dec 13, 2011
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Ebony Female Domination Sex

Femdom sex

Female Domination Sex

Black female domination mistress on photo above is ultimate sex dominatrix. White slave was bound and then fucked and milked by this  Brutal ebony mistress. She got her sexual satisfaction, but she made the slave lick his own cum to make sure he didn’t enjoy this ebony female domination sex. If you want to see more free female domination photos of gorgeous black mistress raping slave and forcing him to lick his own cum, just click on ebony female dominationphoto above and you will see new page with dozen more photos from this humiliating femdom sex session.


Dec 13, 2011
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Princes Kali Female Domination

Princess Kali

Princess Kali Female Domination

Buried deep down inside princess Kali’s dungeon, this female domination  slave will just face some of his worst fears and that is to be kicked in his groins without any mercy chance to stop it. Ballbusting femdom Princess Kali, sexy , young, pervert and brutal dominatrix is ruining slave’s balls with brutal female domination kicks. If you are into female domination cbt fetish and female domination ballbusting, just click on princess Kali in nylonsy photo above, and you will see dozen free balls torture photos and free ballbusting femdom video of this masked slave in pain.